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    Then again, its possible that the $1 million + federal tax lien put on Lloyd last June will also slow down recruitment efforts for TLI. I wonder if this was the real reason for ending the affiliate program 3 months earlier.

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    I haven't heard much on this story since it broke...those fuckers got off?!?!?

    Even if she did "consent", in her state she was too drunk to legally do so. And **** that "they shouldn't compete for ten years" bullshit. They should be dead. Deaddeaddeaddeaddead.

    I seriously hope that someone kidnaps them, handcuffs them to a chair, shoves a mercury thermometer into their fucking urethera and proceeds to smash it with a ball pin hammer. Then shove a fucking serrated steak knife in their assholes until they beg and cry and bleed and fucking die.

    Any other fate is not justice.

    (Spoiler alert, I have a daughter)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1point2 View Post
    They should be banned from jiujitsu competition...for ten years. (I could even be convinced of five.) If after those years they've admitted what they did, apologized to the victim, denounced Phil Proctor and the other pro-rape BJJ instructors, started a dozen fund drives for their local crime victim's assistance program, toured a few schools doing speeches in the way that drunk drivers who realize the magnitude of their errors do, and written a few op/ed blog posts about the dangers of rape culture and how everyone in BJJ can speak out against it when it comes up on the mats, then I say they should be let back into the community and allowed to compete.
    Against Rousimar Palhares and a viagra gobbling silverback? Oh yeah.
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    These guys walk but the Steubenville kids were convicted. Guess it's easy to get away with rape when there is no video or pictures...

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