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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiggle Butt View Post
    This is the weapon you're looking for, currently on sale for $39.97.
    Why yes, yes it is.

    Good upper-body workout, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Styygens View Post
    I think more people were killed with a hammer than any other weapon on the BBC show Luther.

    If you haven't seen Luther and like serial killer stories or horror movies, it's soooooo worth watching.

    While I wouldn't deny that a chainsaw would strike terror into an opponent, and do serious damage to an opponent or two, it's not the zombie-slaying weapon of mass destruction movies and video games have made it out to be. For any lengthy session of mass murder or zombie-killing, you need something that won't clog or run out of gas.

    Yes, this is a pre-Halloween post.
    I guess you're right about the zombies, running out of gas would exclude the riding mower too. How about some 3/4' x 2ft. Type M straight copper pipe, with a Phillips head jammed into the end? That and some 1/2 inch steel ball bearings for when a lot of them are chasing you -- be pretty funny to watch the stiff-legged bastards go down.

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