Okay, as part of my personal quest to become The Deadliest (or at least most passable) Warrior, I have started taking Muay Thai, as well as trying to eat better and exercise properly. On the diet side, I have massively reduced my carbohydrate intake and removed processed sugars entirely. On the workout side I have been using the elliptical for cardio, and been lifting free weights to build strength. On the weights side, I start at three sets of four reps at a given level, and add another five pounds once I can do eight.

Currently, I'm a bit on the heavy side (I weigh 155lb and am 5'7". I plan on getting down to 140). I also have some problems with my lungs in the form of exercise-induced asthma, so endurance training is just as important if not more so for me than strength training.

At this point I really want to know if there is a better way to improve my endurance, and I am also not all that sure that my current workout is very good at building explosive power, which I understand is very important when it comes to striking.