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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawarma View Post
    I liked Brock's all to brief stint in the UFC heavyweight division. MMA and the UFC has been home to gigantic freakshow fighters before, but Brock was perhaps the first to couple his, ahem, "natural" athleticism and size with very legit martial arts ability (wrestling in his case) to actually win the belt in a major promotion.

    I remember the mystery of Brock - how do you defeat this titanic sack of **** with the physique of Bob Sapp but actual fighting skills? Unfortunately, Carwin answered half of that puzzle in their fight and Velasquez then went to press with the answer: punch the **** out of him, because he doesn't deal well with getting hit.

    The Age of Lesnar, brief though it was, is an important part of MMA heavyweight history and is today mostly notable for its brutal ending when Lesnar faced a slightly smaller but far more well-rounded opponent. I see the end of the Age of Lesnar as also marking the end of the one-dimensional elite fighter in high level HW MMA.
    I was always excited to see him fight, I'll give you that. Mainly because I wanted him to get the **** kicked out of him so bad it made my hair hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovvolf View Post
    I don't get the hate. Thought he was a good fighter. Good size to him and (considering his size) lightning fast. Honestly think it's a shame he had to retire so early. He at least added some excitement to the heavyweight division...

    I'm guessing that the hate for the fellow either comes from him being a pro-wrestler at some point or having for having a phallic sword on his chest that will sex you up...
    The real shame is that he did not start MMA earlier. Brock did amazing in the UFC considering the amount of time he trained MMA.

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    I'll bet when he gets older, he'll look back fondly on his days as a pro wrestling heel instead of starting MMA earlier. Being a heel looks fun as hell (Hulk Hogan said it was his favorite job in wrestling), and its not like being a big WWE wrestler isn't profitable.

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