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    Sanchez was completely outclassed almost the entire fight. Seeing how easily and precisely he was being picked apart was vastly more entertaining than them trading punches at the end. Not even close to being the best fight I've seen.

    Roy Nelson said this was his worst training camp ever (his boxing coach suffered a mild heart attack, King Mo wasn't around etc) but regardless, it seems he did not learn anything from his last fight. His strategy still seems to completely revolve around landing his overhand right. I hope he makes some big changes next time.

    I was thinking a 5 round UD for Cain, was not expecting the finish at the end. Amazing fight. Who can trouble Cain at this point? Barnett?

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    Not sure what Nelson was supposed to do. I mean, he's facing a guy who has demonstrated numerous times in a long fighting career that he has more wrestling ability in his left testicle than Nelson has in his entire body. Outgrappling him clearly wasn't the soft option, so why not go for his fuckoff big right hand that has put more people to sleep than Dr. Kevorkian?

    This was an extremely bad matchup for Nelson all along.

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