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    Advice on walk around/ibjjf competition weight

    I'm 5'7 172 lbs. with gi on 176. I'm trying to determine the best weight to walk around and compete in considering my height. When I started BJJ, I weighed about 195. At my last competition I competed at middleweight whitebelt senior1. By the third match, I felt sluggish. I also noticed that some of the guys in that weight range are taller than me. One factor to consider is that I'm a police officer and I need to be able to handle myself, i.e. strength and stamina. My concern is that if I drop to far my strength may suffer. I'm thinking that I should probably be around 160 for future tournaments and on a daily basis. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I would guess it depends what kind of body fat percentages you are rocking and how much you willing to cut water for the tournament. If you are a little chunky, then dropping some pounds would probably be a good idea (assuming you drop some fat, not just sweat it all out). If you are shredded and still dehydrating, you probably don't want to drop much lower. You probably will lose a little strength but if you are primarily losing body fat, not muscle mass and water weight, it would hopefully not be noticeably.

    Keep in mind this is my extremely novice opinion. I am very uncomfortable with the idea of losing large amounts of water weight (having suffered from dehydration and heat exhaustion several times and not liking it at all) and my current weight class ideology is "get ogre big and ogre strong so I don't suffer as a heavyweight" as I am like 10 pounds into the 220+ category in Judo. So don't take my word as gold.

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    I'm no pro, but if you need to be physically active in daily life, which it sounds like you do, I don't see much value in cutting weight to make a tourney. If your idea is to walk around 160 and compete at 160, then I think you're on the same page.

    I don't know if 160 is an ideal weight for you, health-wise. Also, you may find, given your height, that you enjoy an advantage at either the top of one weight class or the bottom of another. I'm hoping to find this out for myself, soon, as I'm naturally walking around at 142-ish and 5'11" - a big difference from my last competition, where I weighed in at around 160 in a gi.

    Of course, you'll have to make weight to know that, and as Krijgsman said, if you cut in an unhealthy way, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

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    Back when I competed in Judo I used to cut weight just so I would be the only one in my weight class, win points for the team, then actually compete in a higher class.

    But that was the only reason our coach endorsed it. Otherwise, he used to tell us that if you are going to compete at a certain weight, you should do everything at that weight, and be comfortable at that weight.

    I liked his philosophy on weight, but I'm sure there are lot of other opinions on the matter.


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