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    A Look Back: Gladys Burrill and Positive Thinking

    92-year-old marathoner's secret? 'Think positive'

    HONOLULU — Gladys Burrill wasn't thinking about breaking a world record when she power-walked and jogged through the Honolulu Marathon at age 92.

    But Burrill, a part-time Hawaii resident nicknamed the "Gladyator," learned soon after finishing the Dec. 12 race with a time of nine hours and 53 minutes that she likely qualified for the recognition.

    Guinness World Records confirmed Burrill's accomplishment Saturday, and the Hawaii House of Representatives honored her with a certificate and lei during a ceremony Monday.

    Her advice for others wanting to live a long and healthy lifestyle?

    "Just get out there and walk or run," she said Monday. "I like walking because you can stop and smell the roses, but it's a rarity that I stop."

    Burrill had been a multi-engine aircraft pilot, mountain climber, desert hiker and horseback rider before she ran her first marathon in 2004 at the age of 86.

    She said she was inspired when she saw early morning fireworks kicking off the marathon the year before.

    Full story.

    Now that's something we can all do! Think positive. Not the running because I'm lazy.

    I mean, inspiring story!
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