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    I can't seem to post to my own post.

    I've responded several times to my "help with speed" post here, and for whatever reasons they are not getting through, so I thought that I'd just respond here.

    Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their helpful tips, I've gotten much better and have learned a lot of new stuff (sombrada, trace-trace trace, all 12 angles of attack, Form IV, etc. ) and have used a lot of the stuff you guys have told me in my personal practice. Much love <3

    Also, to Speedy: Our primary style is Doce Pares (we are an "affiliate" of PIMA in Jersey City, which is to say our instructor and the longer-standing members all practice at PIMA and that PIMA is aware of our existence and is ok with it) but occasionally we get PKT guys to come in who are friends with some of the members and we have a little cultural exchange, if ya know what I mean~

    So thanks all, and I hope those who took the time to post on my "Help with speed"thread see this and know I appreciate everything!

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    All threads have to be approved lately because we have been hit by an unusual amount of spam traffic.


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