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    Judo noob, injured guy.
    Lets put it this way: while training exclusively for strength and eating like an moron (everything I could stomach + milk) in three months I went from dreadfully weak to still weak. After about 9-10 months I am finally getting to the "slightly stronger than average" category, while not skipping very many workouts and just recently transitioning out of Novice (Starting Strength) to an Intermediate (5/3/1) program.

    While I may be one of the better squatters and dead lifters in my 24 hour fitness, I am still well below most of the regular lifters in bench, though my press is slightly better than most because most guys ignore that lift. The only reason my squat/DL is better than average (my gym's average... not the average athlete) is because that is where I focus most of my effort and almost nobody else is intentional about increasing weight or paying attention to technique/depth.

    Getting strong is about putting in the consistent and quality work with the most efficient lifts, not finding the right 14 kinds of bicep curls to make you superman. But if you are willing to put in that work, its a pretty simple concept: lift heavy stuff in a way that uses your whole body and make it increasingly heavy each time.

    Shredded is all diet, so I will stop speaking to that.

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    Krij just recited the story of my life, too.

    I wait impatiently for the day I rep a 4 plate deadlift, 3 plate squat, 2 plate bench and 1 plate press.


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    As soon as you get that, you will want a 3-plate bench, 4-plate squat and 5-plate Dead. And so on...

    I am eyeballing the 5-plate DL and squat sometime in the next 6 months. 4 plate bench is gonna be summer at the earliest.
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    --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.

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    Hey bullies I'm back

    after about 2-3 weeks of crossfit, proper nutrition, and my daily MA training I am already feeling stronger and a few have notice my body is looking more toned (my biceps a little larger too)

    It's been about a month now and I'm already feeling stronger, maybe it's all in my head, or me l33t youth recovery, maybe its because I'm getting more nutrition. Hmm...!

    All your advice has lead to this progress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddles View Post
    Eat 500 under maintenance = cut.
    Eat 500 over maintenance = bulk.

    More than 500 is usually detrimental (fat gain > muscle gain or muscle loss > fat loss). Less takes too long and leaves too little room for error, though it's all personal preference. Muscle gain is not linear btw, since your body adapts to stress by building muscle or making your CNS more efficient (recruiting more muscle fibers) or sometimes both.

    If you want explosiveness, use oly lifts.

    I don't recommend SS. I recommend Baby SS, ICF SS, or a 5x5 if you can handle the volume.
    PNS not CNS

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