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    How is the blade connected to the handle? Do you have any progress photos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Styygens View Post
    I am torn. The ninjer in me loves it. The JMA pedant in me hates it.

    So, I'll just ask: how long is the chain? How heavy is the weight? And how is the blade attached?
    The chain's 6 feet long with a 3 foot extension I can connect it to (and I made a 2nd weight so I also have a kusarifundo- its a modular ninja weapon kit!). Not really sure about the weight weight.

    The blade has a short tang and a guard attached to it. I cut two parallel grooves into the top of a dowel and fixed the blade in it with 2 part epoxy, which also glues the guard to the shaft at a right angle. Then wrapped the guard to the shaft with some electrical tape and went over that with a paracord wrap to add a little extra strength.

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