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    Cuba's judo champion Asley Gonzalez talks bribery attempt at Brazil World Tournament

    Cuba's judo champion Asley Gonzalez talks of bribery attempt at Brazil World Tournament

    Havana - Cuban judo champion Asley Gonzalez, who won this year’s Judo World Tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, claims he was offered thousands of dollars to lose the final match against Georgia’s Varlam Liparteliani.

    Gonzalez, who competes in the 90-kg category, said on Wednesday he was first offered $15,000, then $20,000, to hand the gold medal to Liparteliani, whom he had defeated twice previously in other international competitions, reports Xinhua.

    “I don’t trade my medal for money,” Gonzalez told Cuban online sports magazine JIT.

    “They showed me the figure on a cellphone, trying to convince me to lose the final match, but my principles and my dream of becoming world champion never made me waver.”

    “I also couldn’t let down my coach Justo Noda, my people and the revolution that has always inculcated honour and dignity above all,” he said.


    This news comes on the heels of another incident: Indian Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar says Russians tried to bribe him
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    This guy vs that Indian wrestler who wouldn't take a dive!

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    Good show by Gonzalez. Still, might just be having two of these stories close together but I have this sinking feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg that didn't take the money.

    I hope not, I'd like to think that most martial artists are better than that.


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