Good afternoon everyone! I recently ran across y'all's site while searching google for some BJJ related reference material.

A little about myself... Grew up as a military brat constantly moving place to place. Due to that I never was able to stick with a MA program. However now that I've grown up a bit (21 now) and have joined the U.S. Military I have finally been able to stick with MA (to the best of my ability, seeing as I constantly change duty stations). As of last night I'm am now a yellow belt in Judo (yes I'm still very new) and I got my 3rd stripe on my BJJ belt last night as well (still pretty new). I have a history of high school wrestling and various MA while growing up... Although I don't count any of those. I look forward to getting to know and learn from y'all!!! And eventually one day being able to give some wisdom or knowledge to some one in my current shoes!