By Felix Rodriguez, Staff Writer

2x Iraqi War Vet Eddie Wittern serving a different tour of duty versus gender discrimination

FT. HOOD, TX – Edward Anthony Wittern is a trailblazer. The 30 year old from Orange, California has been involved in Judo and wrestling since he was six years old, he began fighting in amateur MMA when the fights were unsanctioned and the sport was known as “No Holds-Barred” beginning in 2000 and the army veteran has served two combat tours in Iraq, which included a stint, in limited capacity, with a Special Forces unit. Suffice it to say, the man fighting out of Killeen, Texas is no joke.

Eddie Wittern (Amateur, 2-0) was in preparations for his third official amateur match at Belts of Honorious’ September 7th event, Austin Championship, but Nael Chavez, the event promoter, pulled him off the card after his opponent was forced to bow out due to injury and no suitable replacement could be found. Rather than sit idly until another opportunity to compete materialized Wittern decided to take on a different fight. Eddie’s newest battle is against gender discrimination in a field notorious for its lack of male representation. This is the story of Eddie Wittern’s brave journey into the uncharted realm of ring boys; he is a pioneer, forging a path for other men so that they don’t have to; this is his RingBoyage.

TXMMA: Why did you decide to become a Ring Boy?

EW: I was supposed to fight on the 7 September card but about a month out my Opponent got hurt and that was that. I’ll be looking to take a fight after the IBJJF NoGi World Championships in November. Sad as it is that I’m not fighting for another belt I’ll Still be their supporting the card by being one of the First Ever Ring Boys for the Female fighters. Nael Chavez asked me what I thought about it, I told him I’d think about it. I asked River Wrath and my good friend Jason Norwood what they thought and they were overwhelmingly for it so I decided I would do it.

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I fully support this and hope to see it (and him too) in the UFC and other major promotions!