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    Hey Guys,

    Been lurking for a while and saw that there was going to be a throwdown in my area. It was recommended I provide an introduction before randomly showing up. Here it is.

    Between jobs and gradschool I have moved around a bit so haven't really had a chance to really dig into anyone thing for too long - just an eclectic mix of whatever I though was good where I land. My two big requirements for a school are that it isn't full of assholes and I end up sweating.

    Ive been part of schools teaching the Inosanto-Lacoste stuff, Mande Muda and Minangkabau silat, Pekiti, Serrada, and Tai Chi. Currently with Serrada and Tai Chi. I haven't been in any competitions and don't have experience with full contact fighting.

    I really enjoy the training I've been doing but its about time for a reality check. Also I hope to learn from the experience. Weakness leaving the body and all that.

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    Welcome to Bullshido!

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    Welcome to Bullshido. What are you majoring in?
    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.

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    That was a few years ago but my degree was Security Engineering.

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    Welcome to Bullshido! I guess I missed this introduction thread. We look forward to seeing you at the throwdown.


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