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    Is Roy Nelson "fit"?

    I get that Roy Nelson is a decent fighter, but holy **** it's hard to respect that man as an athlete when he has a gut that would put most truckers to shame. It looks like he's carrying something like 60lbs of lard wrapped around his midsection. I know that some people are naturally heavier than others, but come the **** on., you have to have an awful diet and poor conditioning if you stay looking like that as a professional athlete. I remember that after he beat Kimbo on TUF, he told Dana to get him a double whopper, and that was about the point where I just couldn't take him seriously anymore.

    Am I wrong? Do I have a horrendous misunderstanding of the way human biology functions? Or is Roy Nelson just really bad at not eating too much fucking **** food?

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    I would put his natural body size at LHW, so some of his gut was for HW. He has in the past gassed really fast though so some of it is from gluttony. He doesn't seem toned, but that's just a visual statement as I doubt most of us could cut it in the UFC.


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