Hi everyone. I just completed and released two new documentaries about two different modern events of medieval armored combat.

One of them is titled "US Against the World." it covers Team USA's first trip to the Battle of the Nations in Warsaw, Poland, in 2012. This 91-minute video includes a solid hour of armored combat, including singles, 5-on-5, 21-on-21, all-on-all, and tilting on horseback. It also has an insightful interview with Andre Sinou, field commander of Team USA, photo and video montages of the team around Warsaw and visiting the Teutonic knights' fortress and Malbork, and more.

Here is a highlight video of the fighting:

You can find out more about "US Against the World" at http://www.captainzorikh.com/botn2012

The other is called "Return to Pennsic." It is about the Pennsic War, the largest annual event of the Society or Creative Anachronism. It is a follow-up to a documentary with which I was involved 20 years ago, appropriately titled "The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary"

In it I interview a lot of people who have been in the SCA for a while and have seen and done a lot of very significant things, most significantly for this crowd would be Duke Paul of Belatrix, who was te first actual martial artist to try fighting in the SCA. His impact on the game was sort of like that of Bruce Lee on traditional martial arts and Babe Ruth on baseball.

The documentary follows the adventures of myself, a 25+ years veteran of the SCA and "Simply the Best" G.A. West, a life coach, fitness pro, and pro wrestler who has no idea what he is getting himself into. this binocular approach enables a surprisingly thorough examination on what the SCA is and how the game is played.

there is also, of course, plenty of footage of armored combat, both singles and melees, as well as courts, ceremonies, music, theater, dancing, and everything else that is the glory of Pennsic.

Here is a trailer:

You can find out more about "Return to Pennsic" at http://www.captainzorikh.com/returntopennsic