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    Speak the word of the Lord....

    ....or Lord, please, speak your word. I'd listen. Honest.

    Again: Not a trolljob.

    So I came up with this years ago but not scored any good response or debate. Mosly people just attacked or pulled back. So I decided to ask this question here, since the America is as far as I know also very religious country - here people are mostly Catholic tho'.

    The Bible has been accepted as a holy book late in the Roman era and everyone that studies history knows that some evangelions were discarded and God alone knows, what was happening with those included.
    At psychology we played a game called 'telephone' a few times for fun and example. You can try. It's awesome. About 10 people not knowing what was in store for them went out of the room, while the professor told a short story to the first pupil. He than repeated it to other and so forth to the end. When all was done there were but a few rare traces of the original story.

    So if God was almighty or interested in lecture humanity, he would surely know that people are prone to failure, error, corruption etc. and would defenitely choose a method that WOULD LEAVE NO CHANCE TO DOUBT. Like creating a rock which would speak his instructions all the time, being undestructible, yet completely researchable or something magnificent and efficient like this.

    What do you think? I don't even know what colour Jesus was, let alone what he meant. All I know is that there was a man or a group of people who set all this in motion (At that time christianity spreaded quickly as it granted people more rights, and was feared because of it amongst the elites. 2000 years later at least Catholicism needs drastic reforms if it plans on surviving. The new Pope seems to be a nice chap, but he will die, or get whacked by Opus Dei before those will really take effect I fear.)

    So why is Bible still called holy and is sworn upon at the court? Beats me...

    And a little story for the end:

    In my family on grandma's side religious behaviour stopped because she was very intelligent and kept asking and cornering the priest in charge of her religious tuition so much, that he was constantly getting tied in his own bs.
    At the very end he told her mother that he would prefer if she doesn't participate anymore.

    And at the grandpa's side: When second world war started in kingdom of Yugoslavia the fist enemy entering were Italian soldiers. The priest and the sacrist almost broke themselves running to greet them. That was the final stone.

    Always being liberal my parents asked me if I want to go to catechism lessons none the less but I was like: 'I'm reading Rikki Tikki Tavi, I don't need this bs, scram!' or something...
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    What the **** does this entire post mean??

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    Boredom and curiosity with a pinch of provocation.

    I think it's coherent enough to find a red line. If it's not for you read again.

    And btw, thanks for the participation in a predicted way. Sucker.
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