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    Look like Popeye, hands like vice-grips, in 2 minutes a day???

    I have re-discovered the best grip strength and forearm exercise on the planet. Hand grippers! A month ago, I tested my grip at a physical therapist's office while waiting to pick up a friend. My grip strength was at 68lbs. I Looked at the chart and it said mine was supposed to be 100+ THAT WAS AWFUL!!! I wanted to cry, so I went to my local sports store and bought a set of hand grippers with resistances of 50, 75, and 100lbs.

    Every day on my way to work, I used the 50lb grips for a week. They started getting light, so i used the 75lb ones the next week. I am now on the 100lb grips. Been using them for two weeks. My forearms have grown an inch, and my new grip strength is 108lbs. I plan on getting some 150lb grippers soon.

    By the way, my only workout is fighting, pushups, and situps. My forearms grew from the grippers. No question.

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    I love hand grippers, especially the Captain of Crush ones from Iron Mind - http://ironmind.com/ironmind/opencms...nsofcrush.html

    I tend to break the cheap ones, ditto for grip balls, rings, etc.

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    I prefer kettlebells. They work grip crazy, also pullups. But I'm always into new stuff, so tell me what your workout was like.

    You say 2 minutes a day. Were you doing both hands for two minutes? And is that two minutes strait or until failure, or what?
    Combatives training log.

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    Drum thread

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