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    This is very useful thread. I need to buy some steel toed boots for the zombie apocalypse. Also, does anyone the name of the boots that Savate uses?

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    The shoes are called "Savate", but they don't have a steel toe.
    It's just the regular material of the shoe and sole that comes together in a more pointier design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by futabachan View Post
    I'll see your boar spear and raise you a naginata. Naginata == boar spear + katana, all in one. If you can find the real thing in good condition, and not a wall hanger replica.

    The only downside to spears and polearms is that the shafts can break at critical moments. My style trains for this possibility, and you're taught to defend yourself using the broken shaft until you can obtain a better replacement (possibly from the bad guy you were just facing). I'd hate to have a naginata break on me when surrounded by Z's, but an emergency jo is better than nothing, especially if the ishizuki fitting is any good.

    True. A polearm shaft can break. But in my experience, it isn't very likely.
    Obviously, it depends a lot on the material you have. Some kind of special cold steel hard rubber probably won't break for nuthin, for example. Usually, the main concern of a polearm breaking is in the middle of combat is from being struck and cut by a sword or other polearm. Although it could technically happen, it's extremely unlikely that a person's strikes will land on the polearm in the same spot repeatedly (if at all) or have the right angle to even make more than a cursory cut.
    I think you need to be more worried about general wear and tear, repeated blows breaking the shaft from one of your own swings. And even then, only if you hit it against and unforgiving object like the ground or a tree, a shitload of times. Not so much faces.
    But again, it all depends on the material. Rattan will cut and splinter real easy. Maple will work for a while, but excessive abuse and drying out from age is going to bring a break.
    I can't recall what the traditional or common woods are for making polearms. But I like to use ironwood. If you attempt to cut it, your weapon will probably either slide off or get stuck. At the very least dull the mcshit out of your blade. It's not super heavy, but it's heavier than maple. But unlike maple, it bends and absorbs the recoil that would normally hurt your hands.

    Exactly how hard ironwood's kind of ridiculous. I once braced a 4ft dried ironwood stick against the ground with one hand and tried to brake it with a metal baseball bat with the other.
    Didn't even scratch. Didn't even come close to cracking. After smacking it 20 or so times, it gets bent ever so slightly, and you can bend it right back into place. Literally, good as new. Longer sticks are easier to break though.
    Even if ironwood does break, it doesn't completely snap. It splits vertically. Kind of like rattan, but instead of splintering, it's a single, full on split. But it doesn't even break off the stick when it splits. If it did, that'd be great, because it's a spear instead of a bo now. :P :)

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