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    Quote Originally Posted by doofaloofa View Post
    What we need is a good news MMA story

    A guy (or gal), who was set on the straight and narrow thanks to Cage Fightin'

    "I was totally a dope fiend, then I started hanging out at the local ufc club. The coach and the other guys (or gals) realy helped me turn my life around

    Now I'm clean, in great shape, and I could totally kick your ass"
    Matt Brown-UFC
    Cub Swanson-UFC
    Ian McCall-UFC

    Just to name a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Permalost View Post
    But Star Wars, Narnia and LOTR have Jesus-ish protagonists! FALSE IDOLS!
    I think Star Wars and LOTR have a simpler good vs evil / do the right thing sort of vibe. The Narnia series however does contain a lot of Christian symbolism but since the CS Lewis was a well-known Christian apologist and writer it's not really surprising. I've read quite a few of his books (fiction and non-fiction) and he's one of my favourite writers. He does a very good job of explaining Christianity without all the crap.

    As a Christian myself I've met Christians who practise Martial Arts themselves and other Christians who condemn the Martial Arts because they're full of eastern mysticism???

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