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This stuff mate?

Totally reminds me of Aikido. Nice to watch, useless. You do realise that a semi-skilled swordsman would hack him to pieces before he could ever get close? The rest looks all alike, telegraphed and over commited attacks, uke following like zombies. Looks the same as for most of the Japanese TMA. Probably nice gymnastics, good for elasticity, that's all.
No, mine was not like that and I am glad to say. Mine was like the one below. A lot of what we did was influenced by the book small circle jujitsu. That being said, we still stuck with some hapkido moves and kicks, but kept the repetition of Hankido. We also did many drills, so we were not static zombies.


Alex: To be honest I don't want to get off the hapkido track just yet. Yes, I like the whole "traditional" system and I admit it: belts, foreign languages, ect are all cool. And I have had enough luck to have good instructors as well. I also want to learn the Hapkido forms and expand on what my Hankido class was missing. But that being said, I still believe Hapkido is a good art. What you put in is what you get out when your art covers a wide area of fighting, and at the moment I am putting a lot into it. I am mainly looking for future options. But with that being said, is Gongkwon Yusul a good cross training choice?