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    Two finger knockout video

    Saw this the other day and reckon some of you Bullies will like it. Escapologist and strongman trickster Steve "Dangerman" Goodwin has a new series on tv at the moment which is pretty damn impressive. This one was interesting as he gets 3 pro fighters to hit him as hard as they can
    1) kick to the thigh by a very large gentleman
    2) punch to the solar plexus by a boxer
    3)... a full swing with a baseball bat to the back by another very big MMA guy.

    He then gets to return the favour to the bat swinger and knocks him out cold with a two finger thrust to the chest/solar plexus. I saw his back on the next episode following the whack across the back and he had a vicious looking bruise. Apparantly this is a trick done by a strongman back in Victorian times who used to charge for shots to various parts of the body. he ended up being killed by a boxing who took a bat to him (or so the story goes).

    Interesting watch

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    Skeptical. As. ****.

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    Video blocked in my country.

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    Can't find the four minute video. Reminds me of the other guy that does all of the MA tricks.

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    I believe this series is showing on BBC America. Have the series set to record, will make sure I watch this episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Vlad View Post
    Apparantly this is a trick done by a strongman back in Victorian times who used to charge for shots to various parts of the body. he ended up being killed by a boxing who took a bat to him (or so the story goes).
    That would be "Oofty Goofty" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oofty_Goofty - who was supposedly a former carnival "geek" performer who ended his days as a sort of professional human punching bag in San Francisco. According to Herbert Asbury (who also wrote the original book "Gangs of New York" book that inspired the movie of that name), the boxer who crippled him was none other than John L. Sullivan. OTOH there are huge swathes of Asbury's writing that are almost impossible to verify.

    I can buy that the MMA fighter was severely winded by the two-finger shot; obviously, for purposes of the experiment/demo., he was a completely passive target and a penetrating thrust to just the right spot really can bring almost anyone down. I'd be surprised if he was literally rendered unconscious, though.

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    Is it a trick?

    I'm going to venture out and say no it is not.


    A 2 finger strike from a practitioner can be done and it can be effective. Someone who has strengthened their fingers is very capable of exerting a lot of force on a very small area.

    This isn't really valid except for this situation. A still standing target that isn't moving; the person is relaxed meaning the body is soft and the muscles aren't tensed in defense and the attack is done on a perfectly flat target facing him. A forceful centralized strike to the soft area between the ribs could indeed have several effects. On a relaxed target, a direct powerful hit at a specific point and a recipient that hasn't tensed for the hit could cause serious damage.

    After looking at a few of his other videos though he is very much a trickster using the strength of his body and physics (like rounding your back when being hit by a baseball bats flat surface to reduce surface area of the strike and stepping into the power arc of the bat)

    All very valid for staged instances.

    Of course that being said - I'd wager a kick to the head on a relaxed standing target would still be more effective.
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    Is this some sort of Dim Mak like Count Dante? If so then I agree with Fuzzy, I am way to skeptical to believe it.

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    I've seen him a fair bit on uk tv, I always thought he was open about being an escape artist/daredevil Houdini type figure. It would be good if the OP could confirm if he was open about it being a strongman/old carny type trick at some point in the show.


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