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    Quote Originally Posted by BKR View Post
    Folkstyle is what kids learn first in wrestling in the US at least, and most compete in itin High School and certainly if competing in grade school. They also do Freestyle and Greco. I used to go to the Freestyle classes at our local high school...I should start going again but it's a matter of not enough time for family, Judo, plus high school wrestling.

    Folkstyle will teach your boy very solid wrestling basics. They can legally do most Judo throws, too, which are pretty much in common with Freestyle as well. I just did no-gi Judo in the Freestyle classes and was need to worry about chokes or armbars on the ground either, LOL.

    If your son can get into the school wrestling program (if there is one) even better for him!
    Thanks. In my kid's school system they don't have wrestling until Junior High and he's not that old yet. So our only option is a private wrestling program for kids. I've heard a lot of good things about the program.

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    I went through the ranks at the old krotty school with a kid who wrestled in high school, and he handled all of us. Then his coach came in and kicked our asses. I submitted him, but then when I went over to wrestle with his club he almost broke my back. I am frankly in awe of wrestling and have little doubt had I wrestled in school, I would have been a good deal more dangerous. I was known as a good wrestler because of my instincts, but I will never have skills I could have. It's sad really. One thing I took away from all that is my habit of staying on top. I can work the guard, somewhat, but I really avoid it if I can and establish positional dominance from the top.
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    Quote Originally Posted by legomepanda View Post
    BJJ and wrestling have two very different philosophies when it comes to training, and I think it's to the advantage of wrestling. At least when it comes to competition. And a lot of BJJ schools have counter-balanced this by having "competition" classes where conditioning and aggressive game plans are emphasized.

    One of the places I used to train at had a really good setup. Normal BJJ technique classes, "competition" classes, wrestling/take-downs (they had wrestling coaches come in and teach the class). I thought it was perfect for putting together an all-around game plan.
    different philosophies = different strengths. combine the two...look at chris weidman's success.

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