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I had held the opinion that Silva was a punk, a very talented and dangerous punk, but a punk nonetheless. And it was because of his attitude. Since his fight with Miai where he spent his time mocking and insulting his opponent instead of acting like a martial artist instead of a thug. Sure, I understand the fighter mindset and when you have a fighter as talented as Silva they sometimes allow their press and tagalongs to convince them they are untouchable. Pride comes before the fall and it was what got Silva, who is still one of the very best fighters out there.
This. This right here. There was something that happened before the Maia fight that had me going, "Eeehhhhh..." but it just wasn't that big a deal to me. Just an inkling that I might think Silva's a douche. Then came the Maia fight. After that I've been watching Silva fight just hoping that he'd catch the one that made his lights go out or that someone would tie him in a pretzel. The fact that he was knocked out as a direct result of his clowning just sweetens it for me.

That and everyone else at the gym is acting like Weidman shot their dog.