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    specific rolling drills

    I recently got my hands on some mats and put them in my garage, they're good size for drilling and some light rolling.
    My buddy who is a good friend of mine also recently started bjj about 6 months ago and is a white belt but when we dont have class we're both looking to drill on the side.
    Im looking for any live drills we can do that would limit me or make it naturally harder.
    The one I have are having no hands and having him try to pass.
    Anyone have any drills like this from ANY position that would be useful?

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    At six months in, I'd be worried about working on anything too technical, as neither of you would have an eye for the details that would lead to improvement. I'd say just do some positional rolling, start from a given position, and stop to reset when one or the other improves their position or escapes. Alternatively, if you have good notes, and have a decent grasp on a given sub from a given position, drill it it over and over until it gets nicely ingrained. Be sure you actually do know the sub, or you'll ingrain a bad technique, which will take ten times as long to re-learn properly.
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    Start making a notebook now.
    Drill what you learned in class ad infinitum, with attention to detail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChenPengFi View Post
    Start making a notebook now.
    Drill what you learned in class ad infinitum, with attention to detail.
    Do what he said.

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    I'm in the same boat.

    I do 10-25 reps of 1 technique, making sure I hit every step. Let my partner do the same reps on me. And I start out on bottom side most the time. Since its a dangerous place for me, and work on preventing the pass and getting guard. Once I get guard, I work on submissions or sweeps from the guard. We reset back to side mount after a tap.

    I'm not too concerned with my top game as a white belt right now. I want to be great at escapes and re-gaining guard.

    But I roll with a lot of blue belts and white belts that have 20-60 pounds on me. So the bottom is where I live.

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    Are you familiar with race tracks? If so, I would work those. I'd stay away from subs for the moment, focus on position, and transitioning from one position to another. If you have a tough time with race tracks, pick a couple positions, and work on just moving from one to the other and back again, then over time keep adding until you are hitting every position.

    Also work escapes, start in side, use whichever method you are comfortable (familiar) with to escape, then whoever is on top transitions to side, and repeat.

    As you and your partner get better at escapes and race tracks, you can slowly start to mix them together. Have one person start mounted, then transition to reverse scarf, and then to side control, bottom person then escapes and you restart. As this gets easier start to slowly add resistance.

    Stick to things you are comfortable with to avoid developing bad habits. When in doubt ask your coach!


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