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    MMA Referee and Judge Course - Discounted for Bullshido Members

    Sean Wheelock has offered a deal to Bullshido members who are interested in getting certified as a MMA referee or judge. This is the same course I attended a few months ago as a veteran MMA judge, and I personally found it to be enlightening even with all the experience and knowledge I already had going in.

    If you're looking to get involved in the sport, would like to learn the inner workings of how decisions are made, or would like to actually start working as a judge or a ref, this is the only nationally recognized course authorized by the Association of Boxing Commissions, and the one that will get you ready to be licensed to work in your state.

    And the best part? This deal for Bullshido members has the two-day course for price of just $100.

    From Sean:

    This will take place August 10th and 11th at Laselva MMA in Wichita, Kansas. It is supported by the Kansas Athletic Commission, and Kansas Athletic Commissioner Martin Thomas will be in attendance the entire time.

    For this price of $100, you will be able to attend both our MMA judges training seminar and MMA referees training seminar, as well as receive a free ticket to a live MMA event (Strike king Combat), held in conjunction with our training seminar weekend.

    At the live fighting event—all seminar attendees will sit together in a specially designated VIP section, where everyone will keep practice judges scorecards for every fight—provided by the Kansas Athletic Commission.

    Our goal is to make this the largest MMA referees and judges training seminar ever held, welcoming people in from across the Midwest, the entire US, Canada, and internationally.

    New for this event, we are offering an ABC MMA inspectors training seminar, which will be instructed by Rob Hinds, and attended by Kansas Athletic Commissioner Martin Thomas. This will take place on Friday evening, August 9th, at Laselva MMA in Wichita, Kansas.

    I’ve been informed by Martin Thomas that he is now seeking 10 new MMA inspectors for the Kansas Athletic Commission—which he wants to hire immediately following this MMA training seminar weekend.

    A free ticket to the live MMA event—and seating in our VIP section—is included in this cost for those choosing to attend only the MMA inspectors training seminar.
    Please note that you do not have to be a Kansas resident to become a Kansas MMA inspector, MMA referee, or MMA judge.

    As always—Rob Hinds will serve as the instructor and test administrator for all 3 seminars (inspectors, refs, judges). I’ll be there as well, serving as host.

    ABC Approved MMA Referees, Judges, and Inspectors Training Seminar
    Friday, August 9th through Sunday, August 11th
    Wichita, Kansas
    Presented by Rules of MMA:
    · Rob Hinds (18 year experienced MMA referee and judge—UFC, Bellator, IFL, etc.—over 8,000 fights officiated)
    · Sean Wheelock (Bellator television commentator, licensed Kansas official)

    Supported by the Kansas Athletic Commission--Martin Thomas Commissioner

    Friday, August 9th--Sunday, August, 11th--Wichita, Kansas


    MMA Inspectors, Judges, & Referees Training Seminars
    Laselva MMA, 1836 South Woodlawn
    Wichita, Kansas 67218
    MMA live fighting event—Strike King Combat
    Beech Activity Center
    9710 East Central Avenue, Wichita, Kansas 67206


    Friday, August 9th
    --MMA Inspectors Training Seminar 6pm to 10pm (check-in opens at 5pm)
    Laselva MMA
    Saturday, August 10th
    --MMA Judges Training Seminar 8am to 4pm (Check-in opens at 7am)
    Laselva MMA
    --Strike King Combat MMA event 7pm to 10pm (doors open 6pm)
    Beech Activity Center
    9710 East Central Avenue, Wichita, Kansas 67206
    Sunday, August 11th
    --MMA Judges Training Seminar 8am to 5pm (Check-in opens at 7am)
    Laselva MMA
    --Please note that the first hour of this day will be dedicated to reviewing the practice scorecards from the previous night's Strike King Combat MMA fights


    --ABC Approved MMA Referees& Judges Training Seminar
    $100 for all licensed Kansas officials, and for everyone who has previously attended any of our training seminars anywhere in the US
    $150 all others

    --ABC Approved MMA Inspectors Training Seminar
    $50 for all current Kansas inspectors, all licensed Kansas officials, and for everyone who has previously attended any of our training seminars anywhere in the US
    $75 all others

    Please note that EVERYONE who attends the MMA Referees & Judges Training Seminar AND/OR the MMA Inspectors Training Seminar will receive free admission to the Strike King Combat MMA event in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday evening, August 10th.
    There will be a specially designated section for all training seminar attendees, where they will be able to keep practice scorecards for the night's MMA fights.


    To register, please send a check to:
    Rules of MMA
    5016 Meadow Height Drive
    Shawnee, Kansas 66226
    Please indicate if you are registering for the MMA Referees & Judges Training Seminar, the MMA Inspector Training Seminar, or both
    Please send payment by August 1st.
    If you are planning to attend, please let me know by phone or email as soon as possible. I will then get you pre-registered and hold your place.
    We are planning on a very big crowd, and I have to make certain that we have room for everyone.


    If you have any questions at all—please feel free to contact Rob Hinds and me ANYTIME:
    Sean Wheelock
    [email protected]
    Rob Hinds
    [email protected]
    There is also information on our website:
    You are also welcome to contact Kansas Athletic Commissioner Martin Thomas with any questions:
    Martin Thomas
    [email protected]
    And here is the Kansas Athletic Commission website:
    I have secured a deeply discounted group rate of $65 per night for all training seminar attendees at the:
    Fairfield Inn & Suites Wichita East
    333 South Webb Road
    Wichita, Kansas 67207
    This discounted room rate of $65 per night is good for both rooms with 1 king bed or 2 double beds. The hotel allows up to 4 people per room.
    To book your hotel room at this discounted rate—go on line to:
    Please type in MMAMMAP in the box marked “Rate Code”
    You can also book your room by calling the hotel at: 1-316-685-3777
    When booking your room, give them our rate code MMAMMAP or tell them that you are part of the MMA training seminar.
    If you have ANY problems at all in booking your room at our discounted rate of $65 per night—please contact me immediately.

    Further Information

    A huge part of the success of our MMA referees and judges training seminars, is your recommendation. We really hope that you attend, and also that you bring friends with you. We want to make this event BIG.
    There are of course absolutely no requirements or prerequisites required to take our MMA training seminars. Our past attendees have been both male and female, ranging from teenagers to people in their 70’s.
    We welcome everyone who has an interest in MMA—regardless of experience level or background.
    As well as being an MMA officials training seminar, Rob and I work to make these into MMA conventions, where business gets done. People get hired; sponsorship deals are struck; fighters, trainers, and managers find fights.
    The dress code is MMA casual, and the only materials required are a pen and paper.

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    I'd love to do this if I were in the Midwest.

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    I flew to NY, you could let the TSA get their grope on and head out this way. Hotels are cheap in KS.


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