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    Holy smokes, Holy Moment! Thanks for tis cornucopia of old-school cool. Warning: The Canals vs. Scantelbury clip only has a part 1, part 2 is missing and I couldn't find a replacement clip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holy Moment View Post
    I didn't proofread this, so sorry about any mistakes I might've made.
    Man, this thread shows a hell of a lot of work and is most appreciated.

    Thanks for taking us back.

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    Amazing thread, thanks HM!

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    Judo, baby! Yeah!
    Yuki Nakai!

    Fucking Legend!

    I've been telling anyone and everyone who cared to listen, that Nakai was the star of that tournament! Vindication! Nice one HM! Very nice!

    I recall a documentary, at least I think it was a documentary, about the results of that Vale tudo tournament. Rickson was a talking head on it and he commented about that fight. The documentary could've been about Nakai, but I'm not sure. It was over 10 years ago, when I saw it and I started watching it, halfway through.
    If anyone has any idea, what I'm talking about, I'd be grateful if you filled in the blanks.
    "So, yeah, Zen teachers may well insult you, work you to the bone, hit you with sticks, shout verbal abuse at you, and punch the **** out of you.
    And when the ****'s been punched out of you, you might just find that you're far better-off without it." - Vieux Normand

    "So in short, BJJ wins again. BJJ, and chainmail." - TheMightyMcClaw

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    "Eventually, I realized it doesn't matter what art you train, what matters is the method in which you train. Training in an alive manner, under skilled and qualified instruction, is the single most important aspect of gaining martial skill. All else is window dressing." - JNP : Saying it how it is!

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    Awesome stuff. A new Vovchanchyn video for my collection! :)

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    I remember some of these.

    Mario Sperry vs. Igor Zinoviev - I remember watching that fight and thought of it when I started reading this thread and am glad to see it appeared. That russian was tough as nails. You could see Sperry's frustration as Zinoviev did everything you shouldn't do and found a way to make it work. He gave up his back but found a way to wiggle out. Sperry had him in full mount at one stage and tried just raining punches down on him. Zinoviev just punched him back from the bottom until Sperry had to stop and try something else.

    Gracie vs Severn - Yup, first time I ever saw a triangle choke. Winning from your back with a submission - awesome.

    Smith vs Conan - Great fight. Smith just kept hammering Conan's leg with roundhouse after roundhouse until Conan started to drop his hand to block it, then suddenly Smith went high and BAM!

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