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    A good friend of mine was sitting on his surfboard and looked down in horror to see a huge tiger shark with it's mouth around his leg, but not applying any pressure.

    So he punched it in the nose, because that's what "they say" to do.
    Of course that's when it bit down and started thrashing him about, sawing his leg down to the bone.

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    Kyokushin wins again!

    Glad all those hours of Kihon finally worked when they were most needed

    How do I know was Kyokushin? well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katje View Post
    That bit JP? A great white. They're quite troublesome in False Bay because unlike most other sharks they can actually develop a taste for human flesh, rather than just biting because they mistake you for a seal or something else. Most other sharks will bite you once and spit you out, but some great whites will bite repeatedly and tear chunks out of the victim and swallow them.

    We've got shark watch over almost the whole of False Bay now as we have several attacks and deaths related to great whites every year. Of course they're big business so tourist boats take cage divers out and chum the water to ****, which really doesn't help. The tourists are either ignorant or don't really care, they just want to pay their money and have their thrill.
    I can admit to being one of those tourists, went cage diving off Dyer Island from Cape Town (SA was a stopover on the way back from a work secondment in Ireland). Worst part is, looking at the date of that story, I would have been out there less than two months after that attack yet heard nothing of it.
    Dum spiro, spero.
    Tada gan iarracht.

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