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Thread: Just sayin ;)

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    Just sayin ;)

    I'll just say that sometimes I am greatly amused when it is back in the ring vs the same street is the eternal problem ... I have met aikido enthusiasts who were not particularly muscular or frightening in appearance, but their self-confidence has led certain local mma troublemakers almost **** pants: D I really do not mean that the average of the same size, and the Strength of MMA enthusiast would be able to wipe floors with similar characteristics average aikidoka.

    I often hear people talk about techniques that "do not work" in a real situation. what about anderson silva and Maegeri face? may not be a real life situation? heh. I do not want to upset anyone as I think martial arts is the main starting points for learning to become a better person. whether it is a full contact competition, or traditional Japanese budo through. Who would want to be a worse person? on the other hand I hear often talk about techniques that work the periphery but not in the street. heh - this is a partial truths but I have made ​​a jump Juji gatame on the street (most of which can hardly believe, but do not have to - I do not consider it essential). The technology in question just happens to be one of my favourite techs. One of them. I think people should be making techniques he likes.

    As a long-term training regime can not be accessed if a work-out technique which does not hold. If you do not enjoy training as well - you do not work out, and we all probably know if no train can not develop. So I think it is better to work out in the 1000 time low% technology than to be without training % of high technology. Donkey bridge that is developing on how to program yourself to keep a high% success while techniques. The human brain is programmed - to know that each of the philosophy and psychology of a person familiar with the basics. When I realized that jumping armbar situation, I could have died (so delivered as you work out), I was forced to take a different direction in life. Whether it's a match, sparring and self-defense, or the use of force - it is better than what your mind is projecting a more direct mechanism for the destruction of atavism real action.

    Bullet in the gun the most direct route is more direct than jumping knee that set-up is a spinning back fist. I do not want to shoot people (I think it is not a defense - it's just killing), so that's why this is just a figure of speech. Hence - Gun Maga;) This is just a playful concept is, therefore, my own hard training, - none of the education system, or a new martial art which is, after all, contains exactly the same ingredients as everyone else in the 2000s created a nice sort. MMA exception - it is the actual development of art and instrument. Martial Arts crude itself is so stark that I think the right way is to choose a playful orientation - mentally. It's not healthy to think about violence from dawn to dusk especially in the case of the raw reality of the streets, but even in the ring to take place a full contact battle on the idea of ​​hurting an opponent by knockout, and not within the scope of the rules is not a good idea if it is present all the time.

    Therefore, it is good to have a twinkle in his eye, mind, although the ability of the actual operation of cut-throat for that matter: D Many of the Fighters in the range of unintentionally funny in all kind of pride. It's not a serious thing in the world but sometimes it's fun when the world until the end of a dispute as to what "works". There is nothing particularly "active" techniques. It is just a real action, mental images, as well as the activity of the. When all of these areas I have my training back combined with a playful Gun Maga concept through to see that I'm back closer to the ultimate truth which is actually Ouroboros biting its own tail. For some, it is a BJJ for some, it is a Kyokushin many people it is for many of the MMA JKD - heh, for me it is the Gun Maga; =) I wrote this humor department because I often make you laugh, especially among the younger struggled with a big ego and unintentionally funny kind of pride. I do not mean to offend anyone but to raise any discussion of similar insights - what is your Gun Maga? : D

    P.S: You have really awesome forum and excuse my poor skill in english - I try to learn it better in the future ;)

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    I'm not sure I get what you're saying.

    And why are you using Anderson's Maegeri as an example? Last time I checked, nobody was claiming that kicking someone in the face doesn't work.

    And yes, there are techniques that just DO. NOT. WORK.

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    This is your brain on drugs.

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    The **** is this ****??

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    Sorry I prefer a jumping flaming kick instead of knee.

    Proof it works on the street:
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    Here is a picture of Kenji Tomiki.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yep, It happened. I read that whole damn post, foolishly trying to decipher it.

    I failed

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    It helps to read it in a drunken, yet assertive, wise old Japanese mans voice. Exchanging L with R will help.

    Edit : oh ****, Denmark hey? I don't know that accent so you are still an old jap.
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    That jump flaming kick guy has some serious hops.

    As for the OP um... Yes. No. And maybe. But not in that particular order.

    And for the skae of furthering this discussion I would like to add...

    Wing Chun NInjas!

    It's like someone got their chocolate in someone else's penut butter! With 33% less calories!

    Which totally relates back to the OP because like... Anderson Silva...and ****.
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