It's that time again for another "Short But Sweet" reference video. This one is a very special one because its the first time I've ever done a video collaboration with anyone. Matt Kirtley which many of you know as Aesopian from ( just so happened to move only 1.25 hours away from me. Many people across the BJJ internet world know of Aesopian and is awesome contributions to the BJJ community so I definitely jumped on the chance to do a collab with him when I approached me about it. I've known him for a while online but this is the first time we ever met in person.

In this video we are showing you PART 1 that's right I said part 1 of a two part series we are doing o the omo plata. This part shows 37 Omo Plata Set Ups in Just 4 Minutes. It's a bunch of different situation you can set up and obtain the omo plata.

In part 2 we will be showing you a bunch of sweeps and additional attacks off of the omo plata. That's a series I'm really excited about filming.

In the mean time I hope this video can help you with some idea and I hope all of the things I've shared so far have been able to help you. I love doing this stuff!

Thank you for your support,

Jason Scully