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    So I am just finishing up my second month of Wendlers 5/3/1 program and it is awesome. A much more detailed and well worded explanation of what it is can be found here.

    For those of you to lazy to read the article here is the short and sweet version, you have 4 main lifts (bench, squat, overhead press, and dead lift) and you do three sets at different percentages of your max and with different reps depending on what week it is. The first three weeks are your gaining weeks followed by a deload week.

    The linked artile goes over a few different 5/3/1 plans (I am doing boring but big) so it is worth the read.

    I personaly really like the freedom in ther workout, aside from the 4 big lifts you are free to choose what assistance lifts you want to do so long as you are not putting more importance on these lifts then the big 4.

    Admitedly I am only two months into the work out but I have noticed gains in both day to day strength and in muscle definition. I also feel that my explosiveness in judo has increased but that could be me imagining things.

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    I can also testify.

    I've been on 5/3/1 for a good 4 months, too. Great program.

    Made some good progress, admittedly it would be faster if I did Bill Starr 5x5 or Texas Method, but I like the freedom 5/3/1 gives and focusing all my energy into one big lift.

    I still get sore to this day on BBB. It's inhuman.

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    Great program, I have been doing it for over 2 years.

    I started on the BBB template for about 6 months then the full body template and now just a 2 day a week template as I joined a boxing gym and I am getting too old!

    My 1 rep max progress has been as follows-

    Bench Press 95kg to 135kg
    Squat 120kg to 185kg
    Press 55kg to 85kg
    Deadlift 160kg to 220kg

    I have stalled a few times on all the lifts so I just follow the program and reset a few cycles back. Like what has already been said I like the simplicity of it and the fact you can do the 4,3 or 2 day a week template depending on your goals and other commitments.

    The key to any program is to just stick with it and not program hop to the lastest fad every few months.


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