Just finished up a two day gathering at TryUmph Martial Arts in Millersville, Maryland with Kuya Doug Marcaida & the Brotherhood of the Blade. The topic centered around core themes of motion found in Brotherhood Kali, as expressed across a variety of modalities; starting from doble baston to empty hands.

One of the things that distinguishes Brotherhood Kali and the training this weekend is the starting point of doble baston, rather than solo baston. For Kuya Doug, everything is sinawali. Sinawali isn't just a bunch of heaven and earth patterns for clicking sticks together with a partner. It's all sinawali. Solo baston? Sinawali. Empty hand hubud? It's sinawali. So Brotherhood Kali training this weekend started with doble baston to develop coordination for both hands that would lead into the other methodologies.

The majority of the doble baston work on the first day focused on basic shielding & striking patterns. This then moved into solo baston & live hand work. This section focused on utilizing the same sinawali concepts from doble baston to apply takedowns and locks. Some of that is featured in the video below.

We then transitioned to using the scarf against knife and empty hand. It's always fun choking people with ladies' neck wear. What was unique about the scarf was that it was not based off of sarong techniques, but grew out of the previous methodologies of sinawali and solo baston.

The real treat of the seminar was the Bam Bam, a free gift from Kuya Doug to the attendees. Many FMA instructors talk about how the functionality of FMA extends to every day objects, but how many of us have actually picked up say...a corded teleophone set and drilled with it against an opponent? Kuya Doug Marcaida actually walks that talk and the Bam Bam is the result of being inspired by a recent visit to the hardware store. A small hand hammer, the Bam Bam provided a wealth of training opportunities with various striking surfaces, and wells as hooking and fistload use similar to a karambit. I personally liked the fistload uses, though I have to say that getting hooked in the trachea was not too pleasant.

Here is some footage from the first day of the seminar.

More second day material to follow.