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    Anybody who knows proper kettlebell form can watch you, it doesn't have to be a paid trainer, just someone who knows what to do and can give you simple feedback like "your back isn't straight".

    Lots of people train with kbs....there isn't anybody you know who trains with them who could help you out?
    No, unfortunately I don't know anyone who uses them.

    I think there is a kettlebells class at my gym, so I will try that. Of course the whole problem is I can't make to the gym, but maybe I will work something out. Tossing them around looks like a mess more fun than the basics though, but you guys are right, I can't skip a crucial step.

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    Go here

    Find an instructor in your area.

    You can learn some on your own but the minute you go to an SFG certified trainer(like Dr Mark Cheng,Dan John,Geoff Neupert,Dave Whitley,Etc) your abilities will go way up.

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