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    i didn't put 2 and 2 together until today. it might have something to do w/ me being doped up on vicodin the last 4 days b/c i had my wisdom teeth removed. <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

    i'm not sure how most wing chun guys practice, but there used to be a wing chung class before bjj class.

    one of the bjj schools i go to used to share a training space with them. i try to get to class early so i can loosen up sufficiently and they would be working out.

    the instructor was a black belt under randy williams (supposedly a top wing chung guy?). they never practiced anything at full speed (i literally mean walking through each set), or even full power for that matter. they would stand in front of a mirror and he would call out blocks and strikes (in a low monotone voice that almost put me to sleep). they would also drill moves on each other. the tempo was very slow and no power was involved.

    they never put gear on and fought. no ground game. i don't even remembering them kicking too much.

    i would just stretch silently and giggle to myself. god help those poor people if they ever got into a real fight. not only that, but his rates were high. that guy was the definition of a mcdojo. he ended up being kicked out of the school by the owner b/c he never paid his rent!

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    lol. They may have just been doing the WT for recreational purposes, as a hobby and usually there is some sparring invovled ("sticky hand" type stuff)...
    "Training = pain." - I said that.

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