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    Documentary on Afghanistan / some questions

    I just stumbled on the kinda new documentary "This is what winning looks like" dealing with the situation of the Afghanian national police (ANP) and the US-Troops training them.

    It more or less comes to the conclusion that the ANP mostly consists of young adults who are on drugs half of the time, engaging in kidnapping and institutionalised child-rape - and that the retreat of the coalition-forces is more or less a "giving up" rather than a "mission accomplished".

    Since many veterans and active soldiers are on bullshido, I want to ask if this documentary authentically depicts the general situation in Afghanistan, or if it is overdramatic/just a local problem.

    Here's the video:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    And here the homepage: http://www.vice.com/vice-news/this-i...ks-like-part-1

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    I can't speak directly about Afghanistan as all my deployment time was spent in the other sandbox we were playing in but most everyone who I've talked to who spent time in the 'stan is pretty much of the opinion that we did what we came to do, now we're done. They don't see a reason for us to stay and the country to can go to hell for all they care.

    As to the ANP, the portrayal of them reminds me of the Iraqi National Guard and Iraqi Police about two years into OIF. You have to remember, though... both these places have had dictatorships of one flavor or another for a long time. Graft and corruption is simply the way things have always been for them and tribal tensions are only held in check by the power of the dictatorship. You can't just kick out the guy in power by force, unilaterally make a bunch of rules and say, "Hey, guys! Go be all democratic and stuff!"

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    I know from personal experiences that ANP/ANA do (have) used drugs and they are a fucking nightmare (or were) to work with at times.
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