Elderly Woman Runs for Cancer, Honors Family

ODESSA/OLNEY-Lena Mae Beasley is an extraordinary woman.

The 87-year old has dementia, but that didn't keep her from leaving her nursing home in Olney, Texas last week for a Fun Run for cancer.

It was her late husband's birthday and a chance for her to honor her son, Jimmy Don Beasley. He�s been battling cancer at M.D. Anderson Hospital.

The pictures say it all. With a white jacket and walker in hand, Beasley made her way across the town. And it was all to honor her son's fight against cancer. Her niece lives right here in Odessa.

"It was her determination because he was able to walk again,� said Linda Beasley Harrison, Beasley's niece. �That she was determined to do this relay for life�that's the kind of person she is. If she's 87 and she could do that, then by golly I ought to be doing more than I'm doing.�

The family says Beasley has always been athletic--her son is a retired Texas high school football coach and she has two grandsons who coach as well.