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    AR500 Body Armor

    So, picked up some of that 1/4" AR500 body armor a while back, covered it with half an inch of off-brand rhino liner and slapped it in a plate carrier. You know, 'cause zombie hordes and ****. But as it turns out I got a pair of 6" x 8" side plates that don't fit in the carrier. So I can't use them. What to do with them?

    Well, obviously no one wants second hand body armor... so I neglected to coat these, spray painted a 4 inch dot in the middle and shot at them for a while with some of my friends. Plate A was strapped to a tree and plate B was clamped at the corners against a flat surface. Here's how it went.

    200+ rounds of .22LR each. Plates didn't care.
    About 80 rounds of 9mm each. Plates didn't care.
    About 50 rounds of .45 ACP each. Plates didn't care.
    About 60 rounds of 5.56 green tip each. Plates didn't care, minor surface damage.
    6 12 gauge slugs on Plate A. It didn't seem to mind that much, either. Minor surface damage, but the cloud of spall particles was visible.
    5 Rounds steel core 7.62x54R on Plate B. The first four rounds left small divets in the strike surface, about 1/32nd of an inch deep. The fifth round SHATTERED the steel plate, sending all three pieces flying. I'm thinking that this is because it was a curved plate and had to transmit all the force through the edges. It cracked the long way straight down the middle and the right side split again almost perfectly in half. Since the plate on the tree had no such issues it will see use another day.

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    Many years ago I worked at a wholesale law enforcement place and one the brands we carried was Safariland. Well they had a contest for whom ever sold the most vest got to go spend the day with them where they test out the different vest with different rounds.

    It was pretty fun to plink away at the various armor.

    Anyways to the point they were trying out a new ceramic insert at the time that wasn't quite right yet and man did that thing disanagrate. The most interesting things to shoot for me were the soft plates.

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    Yeah, the ceramic plates are meant to stop a specific number of rounds and still be very light. They still don't stop rounds landing right on top of each other, and they still turn into powder after multiple hits.
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