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Thread: First Judo Comp

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKRhino View Post
    Yeah I agree, my other teammate had someone mounted, and decided to take the arm bar and the second he transitioned from mount to arm bar they called Mate. My plan was to only go for a sub if it was clear that my opponent was about to escape a pin.

    My wife said the girl was very heavy and that it was difficult to extend for the arm bar, or spin under due to positioning, so the sweep would have been a good move. Thanks a ton for the feedback!
    One thing that has persisted wiith me for years regarding ne waza is that my first teacher told me to thing about a triangle when doing ne waza...not sankaku waza, LOL, but that you can choke, pin, and armbar (OK, leg locks in BJJ above a certain level). What he meant was not to get too hung up on one thing or another, and that attacking with one can lead to another.

    That's petty basic advice, of course, what with all the stuff on "flows" out there on the market. But it's something I still tell myself. Even in BJJ you can transition from position to position without penalty (stalling) (when on top), and see what opens up. In Judo of course, you just pin for the win in competition.
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    That does sound a lot more laid back than the ASBJJF tournament, though I thought there was some good sportsmanship going on there. A friend of mine was also at this judo comp and said he had a great time... his first, too, but I guess he lucked out and didn't get anybody hugely more experienced in his bracket.

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