That sucks that you are sick again! It is what it is. I have a bunch of Dog Brother's videos. They are good to watch. I love going on their youtube channel and watching the Gathering videos. They keep me grounded when I watch too many Heaven6 instructionals! I've got a bunch of books too, but they never really do much for me.

Right now I've been reading Filipino Martial Arts by Mark Wiley. I got it for like 4 bucks on ebay. You can usually find Dan Inosanto's book: The Filipino Martial Arts on the interweb to download for free. It's pretty good.

The main thing I do though, is swing my sticks. Even if it isn't for a long time, or really dynamic. Swing them, hit the tire for a couple minutes. Do some patterns a few times. Even just going through whatever number system you use. Just to keep the muscle memory up, even if you aren't getting a workout. Even when I was out for my ACL reconstruction, I made a point to to swing my sticks or knife trainer around. Do something. It makes a difference.