Ok I skipped alot in the thread as a dedicate IF'r I had some stuff to share.

First off I first heard about IF through the hodge twins. I thought they where fucking clowns, but they are ripped up clowns so I figured what the hell, I'll give it a shot. Here is the exact routine I followed for 4 months:

Wake up - 2/3 PM fasted state. All I consumed was either monster ZERO diet soda or black coffee.

3 -4 PM fucking gorge myself. primarily though, while I ate alot of food, it was all "good" food for my purposes, I found I had to change my macros on a near daily basis as I had drastically diffrent needs from days where I train BJJ to days where I did weight training to the very odd day where I sat on the couch.

BJJ days consisted of lots of vegetables and strickt protien sources (Tuna/Eggs).

Weight training days consisted of lots of protien maybe up to 70% of my total food intake. This was mainly due to that old BB psychology that guys at the gym pound into us.

The odd day off I was just all over the place macro wise, hell I still am just all over the place and would like to hear what others do.

8 PM - 9 PM Is protien shake and a grapefruit without fail. This simply a timing issue, you try and pound day a steak immediately after an advanced BJJ competition team class, let me know how that goes, also class would end and my windows was basically up so I got the best nutrition I could in the time allowed.

In the course of 4 months I dropped from around 214 of flab to 179 (my goal for competition purposes) of loose skin.... I felt great, I looked better, but something was missing, namely muscle and strength. I actually improved on the bench (because thats the only way to measure strength right), but I think my constantly shifting macros lead directly to me not building muscle the way I should have.

Overall I recommend IF to anyone who is looking to make a change in thier life, I know it made one in mine, but I think it would actually work best if you ran it in a cylce with a traditional style diet if your looking for maximum fitness results, but I guess that would depend on your desired results.