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    Oh for ****'s sake. For the first time in recent memory the US Army (not some parts of the Army and not some units in the Army) has an effective combatives training program that produces actual verifiable fighting ability and the officers aren't even the ones to screw it up?

    I know CSM Dailey doesn't likely read Bullshido, but I'd really like to ask him which is more likely to cause a soldier's death: a training accident with competent medical personnel standing by or a close encounter in MOUT operations involving a soldier who has never been pressure tested in close combat.

    I'm sure the CSM has soldier welfare in mind, but he needs to understand that this needs to be treated just like the grenade and firing ranges he's comfortable with: you take these risks in an environment that you control to reduce the risk in environments that you might not.
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    Totally agree. After reading the story regarding the CSM and the subsequent board and decision, I was amazed at how much it has changed since I retired in 2002. Troops die in training every single year. We had a fatality incident here at Knox just this past month with the SEALs. It happens.

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