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    Texas Holdem Strategy

    Not necessarily a poker no0b thread. Let's talk strategy.

    Pick one, pick all, or make your own list of questions. Let's talk Holdem.

    1. Do you track bet/pot/implied odds and play accordingly?
    2. Do you vary your opening hand range depending on position?
    3. If you think you've the best draw on the flop, with a full table, do you check raise or bet and then 3 bet if anyone raises? Do you play passively instead (check-call, or even fold to a bet)?
    4. Do you develop an image at the table, or simply perceive the image others seem to have of you, and exploit it?
    5. Will you call a raise pre-flop with less than K7 offsuit, or K6 suited out of position?
    6. Do you raise pre-flop with small pocket pairs, in case you hit the set on the flop, and want a good pot to draw in calls later on, or would you rather limp in, and represent middle or low pair, to provoke a bluff by a 2nd best hand?
    7. Do you use a maniac to your immediate left to check (he/she'll raise) and then raise after people call to build a large pot , or raise and let him/her immediately re-raise to thin the herd by making them cold call?
    8. Do you do both, depending on whether you have a made hand, or a draw?
    9. Do you go after more blinds in a shorthanded game?
    10. How aggressively do you play middle pair, on a rainbow board, with no straight draws?
    11. Do you bet low pair, do you check-call, or check-fold? Does it vary in a shorthanded game?
    12. Do you bet a flush draw, or check-call (or check raise)? Does it matter to you how many callers you're likely to get?
    13. What hands will you go all-in pre-flop with, against 1, 2, or (if any) 3 players?
    14. How much weight do you place on suited cards in a full game....a shorthanded game?
    15. What is the smallest pocket pair you'll raise with preflop in early position? How about middle, late position or on the button?
    16. If the blinds are low, will you play more hands pre-flop? Do you then tighten up post flop, or are you aggressive throughout, to tell a convincing story and steal the pot anyway?
    17. When, if ever do you slowplay big pairs?

    That's enough for now. Pick one, and go off, or go down the full list, whatever. Most of these questions refer to limit, but most are applicable to limit/pot-limit/no-limit.

    By all means make your own list. Plenty to talk about with such a subtle game. There are levels, and then there are levels.
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