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    Jimmy MC Lexington, KY latest claim of Legendary 166-0 underground fighter

    "Grand Master" Jimmy Mc'Murtry (166-0 underground fights)Go-No-Sen ........what the hell. He was undefeated boxing and now this claim? I call BS

    This guy ran low rent boxing and MMA fights back in the day. He claimed an undefeated boxing record of 40-0 and is now doing seminars as an undefeated 166-0 underground fighting Grand Master. I could find nothing on this site about this guy and to be honest if no one else was interested I can understand.

    He goes by Jimmy Mc

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    At the very least, you should be providing links so we can take a look at his claims (and before anyone says "he doesn't have enough posts yet to do links", I know).

    Where is he making these claims?
    Is he hosting these seminars in a facility of his own, or does he travel to schools?
    Who is he claiming he fought, to achieve these records?

    (oh, and just stick with the default text colour - the grey on dark grey isn't useful)

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    he's talking about this guy: http://www.kyfight.com/news.php?110.70

    I have not bothered to read through to see if I can find any of the above ridiculous claims.

    Ohhh and I already contacted him, I did not see any need to drag this out when we can just have the man himself come and put it to bed one way or another.
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