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    Academie Saido in Montreal

    Hello Bullshido,

    I just moved to Montreal and I found a karate school near my house called Academie Saido. It is unclear which style they practice but the premises are nice. I was wondering if any of you had experience with the place? Sketchy stories or reasons why I souldn't even set foot in the place? I searched the forum and didn't find much yet. Admission price seems find (800 for the year) with a gi included. I got a weird vibe from the owner so I thought better safe than sorry.


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    Their motto is "art without competition". I wouldn't touch that even if it had double Ds and worse daddy issues than my ex.

    Sauve toi, mon petit. Tu t'apprête à payer 800 dollars pour te faire chier dessus par un bâtard sans boules.

    *EDIT: Apparently they also believe that karate encompasses self defense forms known as "aikido", so there's that.
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