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    Is part of the problem here that TMA engrain this idea that your body will become this magical killing machine that will react without thought? I think I remember this being the attitude at a Kata heavy school I was at many years ago.

    Cause you know as someone who trains in an alive combat sport I can say I am always aware of what techniques I am using. I change my "rules" for what opponent I am rolling with, as I work on different things. IE leg locks, I am not going to grab them on a brand new training partner.

    I also compete differently than I roll. I also compete under different rule sets and I don't automatically get myself disqualified by using techniques that are illegal in one ruleset but not the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iscape View Post
    My errr.... slightly chavvy nephew was telling me how biting peoples faces is the in thing right now...
    Gyeah, boyee. That's what's popping on the street, son!

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    The Best street fighters I saw, were untrained idiots who constantly fought. Also, most, if not all, of them are dead.

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    Apart from the obvious ie: All so called dirty tactics are available just as much to the 'sport' fighter as much as the 'street' fighter, there are responses to attack that will get you either jail time or violence escalation that you don't want. For my money the 'sport' fighter will be more able to keep a level head and probably have better awareness of what the line not to be crossed is. If only because they regularly take people down within 'civilised' parameters.

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