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    Quote Originally Posted by hungryjoe View Post
    Good fight Kin! Awesome Cardio. I'm tired from watching.

    Good movement negated the reach advantage it appeared from here.

    Looked like you were sinking in a serious guillotine right at the moment the clock ran out.

    I look forward to watching more. You're on your way man.
    I felt like I had that last guillotine for sure. It was deep and my hips were far back enough that I don't think he would've beat the angle this time.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But alas, too late. We'll never know.

    In any case there should be another video on youtube of my (upcoming) fight with Paul Gorman for the NEF 135 lbs belt toward the end of May. I'll be sure to post as soon as I have footage.


    Quote Originally Posted by Porcelain_Ninja View Post
    That was a great fight. Modesty to the side, you clearly started to dominate second round onwards; this takes no credit off Andre, also an excelent fighter.

    He was, wasn't he? :-)

    Keep on truckin'!
    Thanks man. Glad you feel that way. I've had some people say they felt he won, and some say they felt I won.

    In terms of damage I felt way ahead, but he got dem judges takedowns. Judges love takedowns. So I wasn't sure how that was gonna go.

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    I would hope sane judges look at what happens after a takedown. There's no good taking someone to the floor only to be punched, neutralized and stood up on. I haven't counted, but my guesstimation is that you landed possibly 120 strikes on the ground compared to a mere handful on his part. It could be much more, and I'll get round to doing a strike count for you.

    I love the punishment from the bottom. It's well hard to concentrate on improving position if one is being struck with fists and elbows constantly. You didn't appear to waste one moment of the fight. It was very Lefty.

    Standing you came forward with intent, and upon being taken down, you scooted to the cage, and started delivering punishment, while working for a standup and looking for subs.

    Enough can't be said about how effective this is. He tires from the takedowns, tires from the punishment on the ground, and from trying to keep you down, and tires from your active standup and general aggression. Every takedown/standup situation he risks hanging his neck out there for your guillotine, which is fast and effective.

    You always seem to move lightly on your feet, which has to be demoralizing. At the end of the fight you were still nimble and energetic. Not in the manner of someone who piddled the opportunity to fight away and has energy to spare, but the energy of a conditioned competitor who could finish him with a little more time allowed.

    That's the boss move. Be energetic enough to outdo your opponent all the way up the end, if it reaches the end.

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