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    Ask your instructor and then practice.

    Practice grip fighting, off balancing, timing, transitioning from striking to clinching, striking within the clinch, moving your opponent. There is a tonne of stuff to do in Judo other than learning many throws.

    Boxing as a sport is very simple, it has a jab, straight, hook and uppercut. That however is called punching, boxing is everything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnp View Post
    I'm a grappler who's instructor holds a 3rd dan in Karate. He has taught us a few strikes and blocks, but whenever I spar my buddies standing, I notice that my arsenal is limited.

    What are the best Karate moves to learn to help me out?

    Does this approach make sense to you Charlie? If you want to get better at Judo, you need to study Judo, not just a few of the throws. Otherwise, stick to what you have already learned and work on refining it.

    As NeilG pointed out, most Judoka only use 2-3 throws on a regular basis and you already know 7.
    I seriously doubt he knows how to do O Guruma very well. Why on earth someone would teach that throu in the context of what he is doing is a mystery to me.
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    Competitive Judoka normally only have 2-3 throws. The key is dominating the grip fight to setup your A game throws. Find what throws work with your game, drill them at least 1000 times, always win the grip fight and throw them the instant you get your grips as by 1000 reps your throw should be muscle memory. Don't be the guy who knows all the throws. Be the guy that everyone knows will throw you with a Ouchi Gari but there is nothing they can do to stop it.

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    I'd suggest sode tsurikomi goshi and ukigoshi. Sode tsurikomi goshi you can throw when you only have grips on their sleaves, and ukigoshi is a very quick throw you can pull off without any sort of gi grip at all. But yeah, if I was intent on teaching throws to karate folks I'd probably only focus on 4 throws, maybe 2 simple ones to get the basics down and then 4 additional tailed to their particular needs.

    And as others have said, if your instructor is a 3rd dan in Judo and a head instructor in your style, he's probably better qualified than anyone to figure out what throws to learn. If you haven't already, let him know that you're interested in learning more throwing, though if you really want an edge go join a judo club!

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