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    Recognize and Win Scrambles in Grappling / BJJ - Jason Scully

    So it's been a few weeks but I didn't disappear. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Scrambling is a HUGE part of grappling but it is also a very understudied aspect of grappling as well.

    The more you actually take the time and make an effort to actually dissect what scrambling is, the better you will be at recognizing them, creating, them and more importantly winning them.

    In this video I talk about scrambles and some common scenarios that happen that you should look out for where you can not only create a scramble but you can also notice the start of a scramble and then win it as well.

    This is just the start. Once you find triggers and cues for when a scramble might start then you go from what seems to be completely unorganized and chaotic, which is what scrambles are to most people, to something that is well organized and actually part of your regular arsenal.

    Sometime in the near future I'm also going to share with you another video where I drill a scramble sequence with my partner and when we get used do drilling the sequence over and over again, it becomes second nature. And we hit it automatically in rolling.

    Hope you enjoy,

    Jason Scully

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    Question on this...
    Lets say we have the following situation, your opponent is turtled on his knees and about to initiate a roll, you are having the !chance! to get seat belt...
    Do you think it is more advantageous to get position (as in go for the seat belt, roll with him and try to control the back for instance) or maintain top position (for instance don't follow their roll but stay afloat even if you trade a possible back control for a simple side/mount)?

    PS: great video.

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    sooooo....when in doubt I should tackle? okey dokey. I guess too, I never thought of these particular scenarios as scrambles; maybe that's part of my problem too.

    kinda similar to what franginho asked (btw I would stay with the top control if anyone cares, mostly cause my back control is terrible), can you show some scenarios of scrambles initiated from turtle positions? My sit-outs initiate the scramble but I am missing something crucial because I'm usually on the losing end of the scramble. My Coach knows this all too well and instead of transitioning from turtle with a sit out, he has worked with me on just rolling under the person and composing guard (which works well for me btw). I just wanted a more offensive turtle and reverse from turtle to a dominant position rather than reversing to a neutral guard position. Any tips on this?

    Thanks for the video, always enjoy watching Scully vids!


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