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A shuto to the temple or jaw doesn't feel great.
The ones I received at work, from big idiots who were supposedly "trained", didn't feel like much of anything at all.

When I use them in sparring it's usually part of breaking a clinch (guard not in place) or part of a blitz, and when I blitz I tend to trap the hands which opens up their guard for the shuto or a straight punch. I do some of that parry-and-pass trapping that you mention, and it works fine if you are faster than your opponent, but mostly I do simple lead-hand trapping--I like to fight in an open-faced stance to my opponent for that reason.
My "experience" is that most of the idiots who try this either don't draw the shuto hand back far enough to then hit forward and break the hold I have on them--or they peel that hand so far back that I can do a simple shift, while their lead hand is back by their opposite ear, and ram the crook of that elbow into their own trachea (I can use either of my hands for that) and then--trapping the front of their belt with my other hand so they can't ride their hips up against me--I then merely lean into the trapped arm and choke them into compliance.

For added fun, you can even lift them into the air and then lean them into a wall or post while doing this.

'Course, I'm not very experienced.

I haven't had any trouble applying that trapping against martial artists from other disciplines when we have open sparring events at my dojo, but I usually use straight punches with my trapping. Shuto strikes aren't something I use frequently in sparring, but that isn't to say they can't work. I would want to work them a lot more than I do in sparring if I was going to really get into pro-level competitive fighting, though.[/QUOTE]