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    Quote Originally Posted by JingMerchant! View Post
    I'm reminded of a saying : "For Americans 100 years is a long time. For The British 100 miles is long way."

    I drove for two and a half hours for a seminar and that felt like a long ass trip.

    Besides, fuel is ferociously expensive over here...
    Its true I have used the expression quite a bit myself.
    Its not uncommon for me to drive 200 miles in a night during the course of doing my work. Of course I only pay ~$4.00 a gallon for Diesel.

    I landed in Heathrow and my cohort getting the map out to see where figure out how to get to Burton Upon Trent and I looked over and saw what looked to be like a huge distance, and thought my god this is going to take all day to get all the way up there.

    Long story short 2 hours later and we were there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iscape View Post
    :( Training cancelled due to someone spraining their *****, or summint.... Boo no hall, then it started raining so bit crap out doors too. I was gonna get some footage training with me step son, but then his Nan had to be taken to hospital (un-related, I didn't do it) So all in all bit p'd off - would have gone to BJJ had I known earlier. In the meantime pls enjoy this little gem - I (wish I) am the one with the massive head getting p'wnd by Bill Clinton

    10 days later, still no video?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranquil Suit View Post
    10 days later, still no video?
    :( I got no friends to beat on... they are either injured or busy atm, still working on it tho!!! Loving the BJJ, tried a few systema-esque bits whilst rolling, some worked some didn't, its hard to tell without strikes to get things moving. I haven't punched anyone for a few weeks now and starting to get withdrawal :) gonna go try a few MMA sessions this week where I train BJJ too.

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